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Butter and Yellow Spreads
2018 - 2024

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  • To learn more about this product, link HERE to read the June 14, 2024, blog titled "Indulgence and Flavor Adventure Dominated IDDBA 2024."

  • BUTTER CONTINUES TO SCREAM IT’S BACK (posted May 14, 2024)
  • Epicurean Butter introduces Maple Syrup Butter.
  • This sweet flavor is made with fresh, creamy, European-style butter (82% butterfat) and maple syrup.
  • While it adds a delicious touch to breakfast favorites like French toast or pancakes, its rich flavor also complements savory foods such as roasted pork, fried chicken, carrots and cornbread.
  • The butter comes in 3.5-ounce tubs and sells for $4.99.

  • PRIVATE-LABEL CULINARY BUTTER (posted May 2, 2024)
  • Walmart introduces bettergoods Butter.
  • The 3-ounce clear plastic packs of culinary butter come in five varieties, each with their own front-of-pack serving suggestions. They are:
  • Black Truffle Butter: Elevate potatoes, pasta, steak or even scrambled eggs and more.
  • Cinnamon Honey Butter: Enhance oatmeal, cornbread, carrots and more.
  • Garlic, Parmesan, & Basil Butter: Create delicious garlic bread, chicken, veggies, pasta and more.
  • Hot Honey Butter: Great on biscuits, fried chicken, seafood and more.
  • Lemon Pepper Butter: Use on veggies, seafood, chicken and more.
  • The packs retail for $2.56.
  • The new private brand—bettergoods—is intended to assist consumers with an elevated experience that delivers quality, unique, chef-inspired food at an incredible value.
  • Bettergoods marks Walmart’s largest private brand food launch in 20 years and the fastest food private brand Walmart has brought to market, highlighting the speed with which Walmart can bring trend and innovation to market at scale.
  • “Today’s customers expect more from the private brands they purchase. They want affordable, quality products to elevate their overall food experience. The launch of bettergoods delivers on that customer need in a meaningful way,” said Scott Morris, senior vice president, private brands, food and consumables, Walmart. “Bettergoods is more than just a new private brand. It’s a commitment to our customers that they can enjoy unique culinary flavors at the incredible value Walmart delivers.”

  • To read more about this product, link HERE to the March 29, 2024, blog titled, "The Future of Dairy Must Include Advanced Technologies."

  • CLARIFIED BUTTER WITH BENEFITS (posted February 7, 2024)
  • butter now offers THC-infused Ghee.
  • The THC-infused ghee (clarified butter) rolled out in December of 2023.
  • The company is known for unique product delivery, along with a curation of some of the finest cannabis brands on the market.
  • Each container of the new spread is infused with 200 milligrams of live rosin (5 grams of THC per 10 milligram serving) and comes in a recycled glass jar.
  • The dosage gives a long-lasting, feel-good high, according to the company.
  • The spread retails for $25.
  • For more information, link HERE.

  • SWEET-FLAVORED BUTTERS (posted January 25, 2024)
  • Maison F. Crayssac adds four varieties to its Artisan Butter lineup.
  • The gourmet purveyor now offers Raspberry, Strawberry, Wild Blueberry and Vanilla Bean butters.
  • They join Black Truffle and White Truffle.
  • The European-style butters are made with milk from California grassfed-cows and come in 2.5-ounce clear plastic tubs to showcase what’s inside.
  • The truffle butters are made with 5% truffle puree, while the fruit offerings contain real fruit and the vanilla bean has the expected vanilla specks.

  • BE CLEAR ABOUT IT! “I’M NEW” (posted December 12, 2023)
  • Aldi now offers two flavored butters under its Specially Selected own brand in the U.K.
  • Don’t be shy! More innovators should flag that a product is new.
  • Private-label retailer Aldi is doing it with its new Specially Selected Flavored Butters.
  • The two varieties are Truffle and Garlic & Herb.
  • They also tout the fact that they are made with real British cream and are vegetarian.
  • The limited-edition butters come in 110-gram packs.

  • TWO NEW BUTTER CATEGORY FIRSTS (posted December 7, 2023)
  • Danish Creamery introduces new European-Style Butters.
  • The California-based butter company is growing its product portfolio with two “firsts” for the category: European Style Spreadable Butters with Extra Virgin Oils and European Style Butter Specialty Salt Sticks.
  • Danish Creamery European Style Spreadable Butters are made with Danish Creamery’s highest-quality butter, cold-extracted extra virgin oils and a touch of sea salt, offering consumers an elevated eating experience in a softer, more spreadable form.
  • New Extra Virgin Olive Oils joins Extra Virgin Avocado Oil. It has a fruit-forward flavor followed by a peppery flavor representative of the antioxidants preserved in the pressing process.
  • A 6.5-ounce tub has a suggested retail price of $4.49.
  • Danish Creamery European Style Butter Specialty Salt Sticks combine its rich, European-style butter, boasting 82% butterfat, with premium salts and ingredients.
  • The sticks are making their debut in three varieties: Garlic Salt, Pink Himalayan Salt and Rosemary Salt.
  • Individual sticks have a suggested retail price of $2.99.

  • PREMIUM BUTTER FOR SUPERMARKET USE (posted November 15, 2023)
  • M.A.D. Foods introduces European Style Cultured Butter Rolls.
  • The 82% fat butters come in one-pound rolls for butcher counters and deli departments to slice and add to display cases and packaged ready-to-cook meat, fish and vegetables.
  • Pre-portioned butter pucks are also available.
  • Varieties are Parmesan Herb, Red Wine Shallot, Roasted Garlic and White Truffle.

  • Kerrygold is introducing Butter Blends.
  • This new range of flavored butters is for tasty snacking or the perfect finish to any dish.
  • The three varieties are rolling onto store shelves across the U.S., with national distribution expected by September.
  • Bell Pepper & Garden Herbs includes the flavors of paprika, oregano, basil, onions, garlic and bell pepper.
  • Chive & Onion contains the herby flavors of chive, onion and parsley.
  • Sundried Tomato & Basil combines dried tomatoes, basil, oregano, thyme, onions and garlic.
  • Made with milk from Irish grass-fed cows and free from artificial flavors or preservatives, the Kerrygold Butter Blends line stays true to the Kerrygold tradition of producing flavorful, creamy and all-natural dairy products, hailing straight from 14,000 small Irish family farms that provide premium-quality milk for Kerrygold products.
  • For more information, link HERE.

  • SAVORY-FLAVORED BUTTER SPREAD (posted April 27, 2023)
  • Challenge Dairy Products introduces Challenge Butter Snack Spread Lawry’s Seasoned Salt.
  • The new spread gives consumers another way to enjoy Lawry’s iconic Seasoning Salt on their favorite foods.
  • “Our Butter Snack Spread line is designed to bring more flavor to our consumers so we are thrilled to add?Lawry’s, a family favorite kitchen staple to our latest offering,” says Michael Burdeny, president of Challenge Dairy Products Inc. “Challenge and Lawry’s products have been loved for generations and we predict fans of both will be ecstatic to easily elevate their snacks and meals with this new versatile butter.”
  • Challenge Butter Snack Spreads launched in early 2022 to much fanfare with Progressive Grocer selecting them as a “Best New Product of 2022.”
  • The new savory variety will be hitting shelves soon, along with a new dessert flavor: Lemon.
  • These new flavors join Chocolate, Vanilla Fudge, Salted Caramel as well as Everything and Garlic Parmesan with Herbs.
  • Challenge Butter Snack Spreads come in 6.5-ounce tubs and have a suggested retail price of $3.99.
  • For more information, link HERE.

  • FREE-RANGE, GRASS-FED ORGANIC BUTTER (posted April 19, 2023)
  • Omsco, the British farmer-owned co-operative dedicated to organic dairy, is extending its Grass Roots Dairy Co. branded range with the launch of organic salted butter.
  • Produced in small batches and using traditional methods, Grass Roots Dairy Co. butter is made with 100% organic cream from Omsco Members’ free-range, grass-fed cows.
  • The cream is tumbled in butter barrels and hand salted to give the butter its signature open texture and decadently rich, creamy flavor, according to the company.
  • The butter comes in 250 gram packages.
  • “Following the successful launch of our Grass Roots Dairy Co. cheddars (last year), it was a natural next step to complement them with a great-tasting, traditionally made, organic butter,” said Martyn Anthony chief executive officer. “Our growing Grass Roots Dairy Co. range showcases all that is great about organic dairy and the sustainable and truly regenerative farming standards that our farmers are dedicated to delivering. It taps into the concerns of an increasing number of consumers who care about the foods they eat, care about animal welfare and care about the impact they have on the planet.”

President Lighter
  • HALF-THE-FAT BUTTER (posted April 13, 2023)
  • Lactalis introduces Président Lighter Slightly Salted Spreadable Butter to the U.K. and Ireland.
  • The spread contains 50% less fat than standard butter.
  • Président’s Lighter Slightly Salted Spreadable Butter is produced in Brittany, France, with “the finest milk and cream…offering a rich, creamy and indulgent taste experience.”
  • It comes in 250 gram packs.

Ghee Butter
  • RICHER BUTTER (posted March 16, 2023)
  • 4th & Heart introduces Ghee Butter Sticks.
  • Ghee is made by distilling butter down to its purest form, which is called clarifying. This removes water and lactose. The result is a rich, lactose-free alternative to butter and cooking oils.
  • 4th & Heart makes its Ghee Butter Sticks from milk from grass-fed and pasture-raised cows.
  • Being 100% butterfat, ghee appeals to those following a keto and paleo lifestyle.
  • Ghee has a higher smoke point than traditional butter (485 degrees vs. 350 degrees), making it attractive to higher-heat cooking, such as frying.
  • 4th & Heart Ghee Butter Sticks come in boxes of two 4-ounce sticks.

Bacon Blue Cheese Butter
  • CULINARY-INSPIRED BUTTERS (posted January 19, 2023)
  • Dream Butters makes in national debut in 13 flavors.
  • Based in Colorado, the company uses real butter from California and only natural ingredients.
  • The 10 all-year flavors are: Bacon Blue, Cinnamon Sugar, Garlic Herb, Green Chili, Jalapeno Lime, Lemon Caper, Lemon Pepper, Onion Parmesan, Salted Caramel and Sundried Tomato.
  • The three fall-winter varieties are: Cranberry Orange, Pumpkin Spice and Rosemary Herb.
  • The butters come in 4.5-ounce tubs.
  • For more information, link HERE.

  • MADE BY A CHEF, TO MAKE YOU FEEL LIKE A CHEF (posted November 29, 2022)
  • Churn Foods offers Churn Butter.
  • While working as a chef, Michael Tashman, founder of Churn Foods, began marveling over possibilities for flavored butter as he better understood butters’ profound presence in fine cuisine and home kitchens.
  • “Using only the finest grass-fed, hormone-free, non-GMO, high butterfat, European style butter from California, and our chef-crafted recipes, all of our butters are designed to be incredibly flavorful on their own and have a multitude of culinary applications,” he says. “We promise, our butters will absolutely transform the way you cook and eat at home.”
  • The butters come in 5.5-ounce tubs in nine flavors. They are: Black Garlic, Bruschetta, Cacio e Pepe, Everything, Garlic & Shallot, Maple Cinnamon, Miso, Pesto and Truffle.
  • For more information, link HERE.

Neutral Extra Creamy Butter
  • BUTTER THAT FIGHTS CLIMATE CHANGE (posted November 8, 2022)
  • Neutral Foods is rolling out Neutral Extra Creamy Butter.
  • One year after rolling out milks and creamers, Neutral Foods now offers butter.
  • Neutral Foods was founded in 2019 in Portland, Oregon, with a mission to reduce the carbon footprint of agriculture. The company works with dairy farmers to implement a number of strategies to drive down the carbon emissions of milk, and what can’t be reduced is offset through the purchase of carbon credits from U.S. dairy farmers who turn cow emissions into renewable energy.
  • Neutral Extra Creamy Butter is 84% butterfat.
  • It comes unsalted and with sea salt in boxes containing two one-fourth-pound sticks.
  • For more information, link HERE.

Moose Maple Butter
  • Maple Moose goes global with its Maple Moose Butter.
  • The company makes only one product—Maple Moose Butter—and there’s nothing like it in the marketplace in terms of composition.
  • It contains 40% pure Canadian maple syrup and just a dash (1%) of sea salt, in addition to the British butter (59%).
  • That high level of maple syrup gives the butter an easy-to-spread consistency and an all-natural sweetness.
  • The butter spread comes in 150-gram tubs.
  • A serving is considered 10 grams and contains 57 calories.
  • For more information, link HERE.

Pumpkin Spice Flavored Butter
  • SEASONAL PREMIUM EUROPEAN-STYLE BUTTER (posted September 15, 2022)
  • Epicurean Butter introduces Pumpkin Spice Flavored Butter.
  • The new limited-edition flavor is made with fresh, creamy, European-style butter (82% butterfat), honey and pumpkin spice.
  • The butter comes in 3.5-ounce containers and has a suggested retail price of $4.99.
  • For more information, link HERE.

Medlee Sweet Butter Spreads
  • SWEET DAIRY-BASED SPREADS (posted July 6, 2022)
  • Grassland Dairy offers Medlee Sweet Butter Spreads.
  • Varieties are: Cinnamon Roll, Salted Caramel, Strawberry & Cream and Triple Chocolate.
  • Butter is the first ingredient. Other key dairy ingredients include organic buttermilk, sweetened condensed milk and cultured skim milk.
  • The spreads come in 2.5-ounce containers.
  • One tablespoon contains 70 to 80 calories.
  • For more information, link HERE.

Maple Brown Sugar Butter
  • LIMITED-EDITION BUTTER SPREAD (posted May 17, 2022)
  • Land O’Lakes Inc., rolls out Land O Lakes Maple Me Crazy Maple Brown Sugar Butter Spread.
  • Cream is the number-one ingredient, followed by brown sugar, water, canola oil, maple syrup and other minor ingredients.
  • The spread contains 70 calories per tablespoon, as compared to traditional butter, which is 100 calories.
  • The new spread comes in 6.5-ounce tubs.

Challenge Butter
  • SWEET AND SAVORY BUTTER SPREADS (posted March 31, 2022)
  • Challenge Butter launches Challenge Butter Snack Spreads.
  • Challenge Butter has been churning its butters from family-owned dairies daily since its inception in 1911.
  • As consumers are seeking easier ways to add flavor to meals and snacks with fresh ingredients, Challenge Butter designed these Snack Spreads for topping, dipping, spreading, slathering, sautéeing and more.
  • Made with real butter and no artificial flavors, the Snack Spreads are available in three dessert and three seasoned varieties. They are: Buffalo, Chocolate, Everything Seasoned, Garlic Parmesan and Herb, Salted Caramel and Vanilla Fudge.
  • “The Challenge Snack Spread line adds a new, flavorful twist to our beloved, freshly churned butter, making it possible for consumers to enhance their favorite snacks and meals quickly and easily,” says Michael Burdeny, president of Challenge Dairy Products Inc. “Even after 110 years, Challenge continues to push itself to bring fresh innovation to the category, responding to consumers’ shift to consuming more snacks and seeking ways to further enhance those eating occasions.”
  • Challenge Butter Snack Spreads are packaged in 6.5-ounce tubs with a suggested retail price of $3.99.
  • For more information, link HERE.

Organic Butter
  • ORGANIC CARBON-ZERO BUTTER (posted March 9, 2022)
  • Anchor, the consumer brand of New Zealand dairy cooperative Fonterra, is debuting Organic carbonzero Certified Butter at Expo West Booth #N139.
  • The trend towards both clean label and sustainable products continues to increase and consumers are taking these factors into consideration when making purchasing decisions.
  • New Zealand has one of the lowest on-farm carbon footprints in the world, making Anchor uniquely qualified to offer consumers a butter option that helps reduce their environmental impact.
  • Anchor’s Organic carbonzero Certified Butter has been audited and verified by Toit? Envirocare, an independent certifier that verifies carbon emissions across the product life cycle. In order to meet the carbonzero certification requirements of Toit? Envirocare, Fonterra calculated the carbon emissions required in the distribution of Anchor butter from farm to consumers’ homes, developed a plan to reduce emissions further and supported renewable energy projects to offset emissions that couldn't be reduced.
  • Made with cream from independently certified organic farms, Anchor’s Organic carbonzero Certified Butter has a fresh creamy taste and rich golden hue to reflect New Zealand cows’ pasture-rich diet.
  • The butter is certified USDA organic.
  • For more information, link HERE.

Truly Grass Fed Spreadable Butter
  • Glanbia Ireland now offers Truly Grass Fed Spreadable Butter in the U.S.
  • The butter is made from cows that are 95% grass-fed, Non-GMO Project Verified, Animal Welfare Approved by A Greener World, and free from growth hormones and antibiotics.
  • The brand is rooted in the art of farming but deeply dedicated to sustainability, transparency and progress with wholesome dairy from cows living their best lives outside, on pasture on average 250 days a year, grazing on green Irish grass.
  • “These cows are living their best lives outside, on pasture on average 250 days a year, grazing on green Irish grass,” says Nicola O’Connell, head of marketing. “We work with about 3,000 farmers in southeast Ireland who have 90 to 100 herd sizes.”
  • The company recently joined 1% for the Planet, and will donate 1% of its annual revenue to Slow Food USA, a nonprofit dedicated to transforming how people produce, consume and enjoy food. The Truly Grass Fed donation will support Slow Food USA’s mission of uniting the joy of food with the pursuit of justice to achieve good, clean and fair food for all. Together, they seek to advance the brand’s commitment to crafting dairy products with integrity and care for people, animals and the planet.
  • For more information, link HERE.

Land O’Lakes Salted Butter Balls
  • RESTAURANT-STYLE BUTTER FOR IN-HOME USE (posted January 17, 2022)
  • Land O’Lakes will be rolling out salted Butter Balls.
  • The 8-ounce bags contain approximately 32 butter balls, which are about half-tablespoon portions.
  • One ball contains 50 calories.
  • For more information, link HERE.

Challenge Spreadable Butter with Avocado Oil
  • BETTER-FOR-YOU BUTTER (posted December 9, 2021)
  • Challenge Butter introduces Spreadable Butter with Avocado Oil.
  • This new addition to the company’s line of spreadable butters combines the delicious flavor of freshly churned Challenge Butter with the added benefits and clean flavor of pure avocado oil, along with sea salt.
  • It spreads smooth straight out of the fridge, making it easy to add helpful omega fats to snacks and meals.
  • “People are looking for high-quality dairy products that meet their needs and lifestyles now more than ever, and we’re glad to be able to deliver that with our new Spreadable Butter with Avocado Oil,” says Michael Burdeny, president.
  • The product comes in a 6.5-ounce tub with a suggested retail price of $2.99.
  • For more information, link HERE.

Gay Lea Farmhouse Salted Whey Butter
  • Gay Lea offers eight varieties of Premium Butter.
  • The new line includes one flavored option—Garlic Parsley—in a 125-gram roll.
  • The other seven varieties come in 250-gram blocks.
  • There’s Grass-Fed Salted and Unsalted and Organic Salted and Unsalted.
  • Farmhouse is a whey butter churned to 82% milkfat. The flavor is described as slightly nutty and earthy with hints of cheese.
  • Bakers Gold is churned to a European standard of 84% milkfat. It is unsalted and meant to be a baking butter. Higher milkfat and less moisture means baking that is richer, flakier and tastier.
  • Sea Salted is also 84% milkfat. It is intended to take a dish from mainstream to culinary.
  • For more information, link HERE.

Truly Grass Fed
  • GRASS-FED BUTTER AND GHEE FROM IRELAND (posted September 1, 2021)
  • Truly Grass Fed adds butter and ghee to its cheese offerings in the U.S.
  • The butters and cheeses are made from cows that are 95% grass-fed, Non-GMO Project Verified, Animal Welfare Approved by A Greener World, and free from growth hormones and antibiotics.
  • The brand is rooted in the art of farming but deeply dedicated to sustainability, transparency and progress with wholesome dairy from cows living their best lives outside, on pasture on average 250 days a year, grazing on green Irish grass.
  • The Butter comes Salted and Unsalted, and the Ghee Clarified Butter is simply 99.8% butterfat.
  • All three come in 8-ounce tubs.
  • The company recently joined 1% for the Planet, and will donate 1% of its annual revenue to Slow Food USA, a nonprofit dedicated to transforming how people produce, consume and enjoy food. The Truly Grass Fed donation will support Slow Food USA’s mission of uniting the joy of food with the pursuit of justice to achieve good, clean and fair food for all. Together, they seek to advance the brand’s commitment to crafting dairy products with integrity and care for people, animals and the planet.
  • For more information, link HERE.

Posh Cow Dairy
  • ARTISAN BUTTER IN TRENDY FLAVORS (posted June 16, 2021)
  • Posh Cow Dairy, Ltd., is growing its flavored Posh Cow Butter line in the U.K.
  • The original line was launched in 2019 in two varieties. They are: Smoked Sea Salt and Blossom Honey Cinnamon.
  • Two new flavors are rolling out soon. They are: Earl Grey Apricot Jam and Superfood Seaweed.
  • All varieties come in 150-gram packs and start with a base of lightly whipped Welsh butter.
  • For more information, link HERE.

La Vaquita
  • La Vaquita, a wholly owned subsidiary of Dairy Farmers of America, now markets Butter.
  • Made with pure cow’s milk with no added growth hormones and no artificial ingredients, this new butter offers a fresh, creamy flavor for a variety of cooking and baking needs.
  • “La Vaquita is well known for delivering delicious and authentic Mexican flavors with our popular quesos and cremas, so butter, which is such an important cornerstone for cooking and baking, makes a perfect addition to our portfolio,” says Mihira Rami, director of brand marketing at La Vaquita. “This product will appeal to our customers, as it offers them a high-quality butter option from an authentic Mexican brand.”
  • Available in both salted and unsalted varieties, each 8-ounce package contains two 4-ounce sticks. The wraps used on the La Vaquita butter sticks are labeled with tablespoon measurements for ease of use and are also compostable.
  • La Vaquita butter is currently available at select retailers in Texas.
  • For more information, link HERE.

Land O’ Lakes Butter Spread Seeds.
  • BUTTER GETS SEEDED (posted May 5, 2021)
  • Land O’ Lakes introduces Butter Spread with Seeds.
  • The butter base has crunch and extra nutrition from the addition of flax, chia and hemp seeds.
  • The ingredient statement reads: Sweet Cream, Canola Oil, Golden Flax Seeds, Water, Contains Less Than 2% Of Chia Seeds, Hemp Seeds, Salt, Potassium Sorbate (to Maintain Freshness), Lactic Acid, Natural Flavor, Citric Acid.
  • Similar to traditional butter, 1 tablespoon contains 100 calories and 11 grams of fat.
  • For more information, link HERE.

Anchor Butter
  • BUTTER DESIGNED FOR PASTRY CHEFS (posted April 28, 2021)
  • Anchor Food Professionals, the foodservice brand of global dairy mainstay Fonterra, launches Laminated Butter Sheets in the North American market.
  • With the specific needs of pastry chefs and commercial bakers in mind, these butter sheets have been designed for ease of use and flexibility.
  • The butter sheets are made using cream from grass-fed, pasture-raised New Zealand cows.
  • With a generous 83% milkfat composition and golden color, this product is made without the use of chemical processing or additives, according to the company.
  • Anchor’s new Laminated Butter Sheets have several performance advantages when used as an ingredient in baking and will save food professionals an estimated 12 to 14 minutes per batch.
  • Known for their excellent plasticity, flexibility and workability, these pre-laminated butter sheets are designed to speed up production by eliminating the time spent on hand-prepping butter for pastries, enabling a higher lift and volume. With a melting point of 98 degrees Fahrenheit, they are perfect for warm bakeries in back-of-house environments.
  • Anchor’s Laminated Butter Sheets remain shelf stable for 24 months from the date of production when stored in the freezer.
  • Each sheet weighs 2.2 pounds, with 20 sheets per package.
  • For more information, link HERE.

Little Vicky’s Honey Butter
  • Little Vicky’s grows from farmers market and local specialty to retail and online sales.
  • Vicky Cimmino, owner and founder of Little Vicky’s, has been producing honey butter for the past three years, keeping distribution small and local. That is changing and she is looking for co-packing assistance, even a partnership.
  • Products are: Chocolate Brownie Honey Butter, Cinnamon Honey Butter, Cinnamon Raisin Honey Butter, Pumpkin Pie Honey Butter and Simply Plain Honey Butter.
  • An 8-ounce container retails for $5.99 to $7.99 and online for $8.99.
  • For more information, link HERE.

Kerrygold Irish Butter with Olive Oil.
  • SPREADABLE BUTTER WITH A TWIST (posted February 24, 2021)
  • Kerrygold, an international brand of Ornua, introduces new Kerrygold Irish Butter with Olive Oil.
  • Launching across the U.S. this month, the new spreadable butter is made with the milk from Irish grass-fed cows and marries the distinct taste of Kerrygold butter with olive oil.
  • “We know consumers are increasingly looking for convenient ways to elevate their cooking experience, so this spreadable creation, with the subtle texture and flavor of added olive oil, was a natural extension to our portfolio,” says Alexandra Vinci, marketing executive at Kerrygold. “Not only will the product appeal to our existing customers who love our uniquely delicious taste, but it will also attract a new set of consumers who have long enjoyed the qualities of olive oil and are not yet familiar with our brand.”
  • Free from artificial flavors or preservatives, Kerrygold Irish Butter with Olive Oil is made with milk rich in naturally occurring beta carotene, which is present in the lush green Irish grass that Kerrygold cows enjoy year-round. This gives Kerrygold butter its robust, natural, golden color and creamy texture, with no added growth hormones or antibiotics, according to the company.
  • Kerrygold uses milk from 14,000 small, family-run Irish dairy farms. Kerrygold farmers are members of local milk cooperatives, owned by the farmers themselves, and these co-ops help preserve family farming traditions that have been passed on for generations.
  • Shipping its first pallet of butter to the U.S. in 1999, Kerrygold has since risen to the number-two butter brand nationally.
  • The brand now has an extensive butter portfolio, including Salted and Unsalted Butter Foils, Salted and Unsalted Butter Sticks, Garlic and Herb Butter, Naturally Softer Pure Irish Butter, Reduced Fat Irish Butter and Irish Butter with Canola Oil.
  • For more information, link HERE.

Creekside Butter Premium Balls
  • Butterball Farms Inc., introduces Creekside Butter Premium Balls.
  • The Grand Rapids, Mich.-based company has served the U.S. restaurant industry for more than 60 years, providing premium, high-quality butter to brands that know little things matter.
  • The company has pivoted since the pandemic and is now offering its gourmet butter products through supermarkets.
  • The European-style butter balls are made from fresh, high-quality sweet cream and come packaged in an 8-ounce resealable bag with approximately 32 balls per bag.
  • One ball is about 0.25 ounces and the equivalent of a half tablespoon. A ball contains 50 calories.
  • One bag retails for $4.99 to $5.99.
  • For more information, link HERE.

Butter Craft Provisions
  • EVERYDAY FINISHING BUTTERS (posted September 24, 2020)
  • M.A.D. Foods introduces Butter Craft Provisions.
  • The Euro-style 82% fat butters are making their way into dairy departments of mainstream grocery stores, which is new for the company that has been making award-winning Aux Délices des Bois butters for the specialty channel for more than 15 years.
  • The flavor profiles hit the sweet spot between gourmet garnish and everyday condiment.
  • The initial line includes four dairy butters and two plant-based varieties.
  • Dairy flavors are: Black Truffle, Fire-Roasted Jalapeno, Parmesan Herb and Roasted Garlic.
  • Plant-based varieties are: Black Truffle and Roasted Garlic.
  • “We commit to recipes that work for home cooks: American-sourced ingredients, versatile flavor profiles, and easy, recyclable packaging,” says owner Thierry Farges.
  • For more information, link HERE.

Chef Shamy Gourmet Butter
  • CULINARY-INSPIRED GOURMET BUTTERS (posted September 14, 2020)
  • DFS Gourmet Specialties is growing its Chef Shamy Gourmet Butter line with new flavors and sizes.
  • The six new flavors come in 3-ounce or 3.7-ounce clamshell-style packages.
  • The new flavors are: Black Truffle, Blueberry Honey Butter, Chocolate Butter with Honey, Creamy Honey Butter, European-style Whipped Butter with Pink Himalayan Salt, and Steakhouse Grill Butter.
  • Chef Shamy Steakhouse Grill Butter has a hint of red pepper for a manageable but lingering heat. It can be used for sautéing or as a finishing topping.
  • The company is also offering single-serve packets for foodservice and institutions. Varieties include the company’s signature Garlic Parmesan Butter, as well as Brown Sugar Cinnamon Honey Butter and the new European-style Whipped Butter with Pink Himalayan Salt.
  • The company’s Garlic Parmesan Butter is the number-one selling garlic butter in the U.S., according to the company.
  • The 120-full-time employee company recently moved into a new production facility, which is about four times the size of the previous location.
  • All of the butters are 100% natural with no additives, preservatives or added oils.
  • For more information, link HERE.

Lime Grass-Fed Ghee
  • New Zealand’s Milkio Food is rolling out organic grass-fed ghee to the global marketplace.
  • In the ghee category, organic grass-fed ghee is valued as a premium dairy product because grass-fed cow milk is chemically analyzed as more nutrient-rich than grain-fed cow milk, according to the company. It contains a higher amount of beta carotene, omega 3 fatty acids and conjugated linoleic acid.
  • Milkio Organic cow ghee clarified butter is prepared from 100% organic grass-fed cow milk and the ghee is organically certified by BioGro, New Zealand.
  • Milkio grass-fed ghee can be stored for 12 months at room temperature.
  • Two flavor-infused varieties are available. They are: Garlic and Lime.
  • There’s also Grass-Fed Sheep Ghee.
  • Milkio ghee is now available in Australia, China, Egypt, Japan, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, United Arab Emirates and the U.S.
  • For more information, link HERE.

Nellie's Free Range Butter
  • GRASS-FED, OPEN-PASTURE BUTTER (posted June 25, 2020)
  • Nellie’s Free Range Eggs now offers Free Range Butter.
  • In keeping with its commitment to humane farming practices, Nellie’s Free Range continues to expand the number of small family farms it partners with to produce its new free range, grass-fed products, which in addition to butter includes heat-and-eat egg bites.
  • Nellie’s Free Range Butter is made with cream from happy, healthy cows who are raised on U.S. family-run dairy farms, according to the company. The girls are grass-fed, which means they’re free to roam in the open pasture and graze on the green grass, as they please.
  • The butter is slow-churned and contains 84% butterfat.
  • It comes in 8-ounce cartons (two 4-ounce sticks) in Sea Salted and Unsalted varieties.
  • For more information, link HERE.

Epicurean Butter
  • To read more about this product, link HERE to the March 13, 2020, blog titled "Expo West: A Virtual Tour of All Things Dairy…and More (Part Two)."

Epicurean Butter Garlic Parmesan
  • NEW BUTTER FLAVOR AND FORMS (posted November 26, 2019)
  • Epicurean Butter grows its artisan butter offerings with Garlic Parmesan.
  • The company’s finishing butters are sold in 3.5-ounce retail cups.
  • Larger sizes of all flavors are available for foodservice, as well as single-use pouches for meal kits.
  • There are also new flower shapes available for foodservice and retail deli and specialty food counters.
  • Founded in 2004, Epicurean Butter enables consumers, personal chefs and foodservice professionals to bring restaurant-quality flavors into their own kitchens without additional prep-time or cooking knowhow.
  • Epicurean Butter’s products are made with all-natural and premium ingredients and are sold as branded and private-label products through grocery retail and foodservice channels.
  • In early September 2019, Epicurean Butter entered into a strategic partnership with HC Private Investments (HCPI), Chicago, whereby HCPI is providing capital to support the company’s strong sales growth.
  • For more information, link HERE.

Aux Délices des Bois butter
  • EURO-STYLE FLAVORED BUTTERS (posted October 29, 2019)
  • M.A.D. Foods extends its Aux Délices des Bois butter line.
  • The award-wining Black Truffle Butter and White Truffle Butter was introduced in 2006.
  • They are now being joined by two new varieties: Roasted Garlic Butter and Red Wine Shallot Butter.
  • The flavored butters contains 82% minimum butterfat.
  • Roasted Garlic Butter has a nutty, rounded flavor. Use it to simplify preparation of dishes such as linguine with clam sauce, garlic bread and escargots.
  • Red Wine Shallot Butter mimics the maître ‘d butter so essential to French cuisine. Its sweet, winey notes accent red meat, stewed veggies, fish and sauces.
  • The butters come in 3-ounce oval plastic cups with nine per case. They ship and store frozen.
  • For more information, link HERE.

Clover Sonoma Culinary Butter.
  • Clover Sonoma introduces Culinary Butter.
  • The seasoned spreadable butters come in sweet and savory varieties.
  • The three flavors are: Cinnamon & Brown Sugar Garlic & Herb and Lemon Garlic & Herb.
    Clover Sonoma Culinary Butter is slow-churned in small batches and infused with the highest quality spices and flavors.
  • Each 3.5-ounce tub is priced at $3.99 and is rolling out to independent Northern California grocery stores.
  • For more information, link HERE.

Minerva Dairy
  • BUTTER MADE BETTER (posted July 9, 2019)
  • Minerva Dairy gives its small-batch Amish butter a makeover.
  • Previously sold only in rolls wrapped in parchment paper, Minerva Dairy’s 85% butterfat butter now comes in 8-ounce cartons (two individually wrapped sticks) in five varieties.
  • A Smoked Maple Wood flavor still comes in an 8-ounce roll.
  • There are also 2-pound rolls and 1-pound cartons of Sea Salt and Unsalted.
  • All of Minerva Dairy’s butter is slow-churned in small batches.
  • The company has been making butter the same way for 125 years and it is described as “Because butter made better makes better butter.”
  • The company uses milk from cows raised on family farms that eat fresh, pasture grass. This results in milk that contains more beta-carotene, which gives the butter a deeper, more golden yellow.
  • For more information, link HERE.

Brooklyn Buttery
  • SMALL-BATCH FLAVORED BUTTERS (posted April 4, 2019)
  • Brooklyn Buttery handcrafts artisanal butters.
  • The company was started by Josh Green in 2016 with the mission of bringing compound butters out of the kitchens of high-end restaurants and into the pantries of all, using the best ingredients found in the New York City area.
  • The butter comes in four varieties in 6-ounce plastic tubs. They are: All the Zest Lemon Butter, Don’t Be a Sap Maple Butter, Dragon’s Breath Sriracha Butter and Sea Breeze Sea Salt Butter.
  • Brooklyn Buttery is one of seven companies to participate in the Dairy Farmers of America’s (DFA) 2019 Accelerator program. As a participant, Brooklyn Buttery will engage in a 90-day immersive program, which is part of the Sprint Accelerator program. The company will work directly with leaders from DFA, CoBank, Sprint and other industry experts and mentors to create strategic, long-term partnerships.
  • For more information, link HERE.

Honey Ghee
  • To read more about this product, link HERE to the March 8, 2019, blog titled “Expo West 2019: The Dairy Foods Connection.”

Vital Farms Ghee Butter.
  • PASTURE-RAISED GHEE (posted March 7, 2019)
  • Vital Farms introduces Ghee Butter.
  • The butter is made from milk that is ethically sourced.
  • The cows come from small herd family farms and are raised in the same state that the butter is produced. They each get a half acre of open pasture for roaming and foraging.
  • Vital Farms butter is slow churned in small batches.
  • Lactose and casein free, this clean and versatile butter oil is designed for every culinary need. It is made by cooking down butter to remove the water and milk solids, a process called clarifying.
  • Made from butter that is 85% butterfat--a higher than industry norm butterfat content—Vital Farms Ghee Butter comes in 7.5-ounce jars in Original and Himalayan Pink Salt flavors.
  • The suggested retail price is $8.99.
  • “We saw the growing consumer interest in the ghee category and believed there was an opportunity to bring the Vital Farms pasture-raised mission and quality to the ghee consumer,” says Shep Kowalski, brand manager. “It was a natural fit with our growing portfolio, and we thought it important to emphasize butter in the name as our pasture-raised butter from American family farms is the backbone for the product’s quality.”
  • For more information, link HERE.

  • To read more about this product, link HERE to the February 15, 2019, blog titled "Dairies Are Going Non-Dairy: It’s Time to Get on Board"

Wegmans Premium Butter
  • EIGHTEEN-DOLLARS PER POUND BUTTER (posted December 26, 2018)
  • Wegmans introduces imported premium butter.
  • The company enlisted well-known cheesemaker Rodophe le Meunier to make Beurre de Baratte de Normande.
  • This butter is made from French grass-fed cows milk, cultured, hand churned and sprinkled with French sea salt.
  • The random-weight packages are priced $17.99 per pound.

Westby Cooperative Creamery
  • NEW ORGANIC BUTTER DEBUTS (posted September 27, 2018)
  • Westby Cooperative Creamery grows its organic line with butter.
  • The one-pound box of four sticks joins the Westby Organic brand’s 4% and 2% small curd cottage cheese, regular cultured sour cream and cultured French onion dip, which were all introduced in 2017.
  • The sweet cream butter is lightly salted with Celtic Sea salt and contains 85% butterfat.
  • “The demand for organic dairy food products has grown consistently over the past several years,” says Pete Kondrup, general manager. “Initially this new butter product will be available for sale and distribution to retail grocery stores and foodservice outlets only in Wisconsin and Minnesota.”
  • The foodservice/food ingredient bulk sizes are 40- and 55-pound boxes.
  • Westby Cooperative Creamery is now in its 115th year of operations, selling both conventional and organic products.
  • For more information, link HERE.

Natural By Nature Organic Grass-Fed Butter
  • GRASS-FED BUTTER TUBS (posted Sept. 17, 2018)
  • Natural By Nature introduces Organic Grass-Fed Butter, fresh churned and never whipped.
  • The company’s new organic grass-fed butter—salted and unsalted--is the best of both worlds: the full rich flavor of stick butter coupled with the ease and convenience of being in a tub (10 ounces), without being whipped.
  • Whipped butter is injected with nitrogen (after churning) and therefore has less flavor than non-whipped butter, according to the company.
  • The product debuted with the brand’s new look, which includes a logo and package design to not only honor the animals that produce the milk going into the brand’s products but also to honor the land that supports and nurtures the animals.
  • The logo pays homage to the key ingredients in the products. Packaging calls out other aspects of the product.
  • As stated on its website:
  • Sunshine, grass and water. These are the key ingredients that make our dairy products special. Yes, technology is advancing our food system forward. But at Natural By Nature our greatest innovation relies on simplicity, the simplicity of understanding the natural processes and habitat of our animals, and honoring the land that nurtures and cares for them. We believe that the best-tasting dairy products happen when nature is allowed to follow her natural rhythms. Then, what emerges are dairy products that reflect the natural instincts of our animals and the natural cycles of our land. We are indeed Natural By Nature.
  • For more information, link HERE.

Land O Lakes Soft Squeeze Spread
  • SQUEEZABLE BUTTERY TOPPING (posted July 24, 2018)
  • Land O’Lakes introduces Land O Lakes Soft Squeeze Spread.
  • Based on canola oil, buttermilk, butter and cream, the new refrigerated topping delivers the taste of Land O Lakes Butter in a convenient, easy-to-squeeze 12-ounce bottle with less mess.
  • Each bottle contains about 24 tablespoons, with one tablespoon containing 90 calories and 9 grams of fat.
  • From the brand’s website: “We are replicating the success of squeezable products in other categories such as mayo, jelly and sour cream,” says Laura Dada, associate marketing manager-dairy foods. “Our target consumer segment leans toward Millennials. This is a group that prioritizes convenience, wants to feel more confident in cooking, and cares about brands that share their values.”
  • “This product has a heavy process and formulation interaction,” says Jill Paddock, senior process engineer. “Even small changes to the process affect performance of the finished product. Since there was a desire to make the spread with butter, we had to do things such as adjust the butter and milkfat percentages.”
  • “Due to the firm nature of the product, squeezability was on the difficult side,” says Brianne Maier, packaging research and development manager-dairy foods. “To combat this, we designed a custom, malleable bottle to ease in product dispensing. The thin walls of bottle allow it to fully collapse and the side walls can be squeezed together. When the walls touch, the consumer can ‘squeegee’ out the product.”
  • For more information, link HERE.

Organic Valley Butter
  • CULINARY COOKING BUTTER (posted July 10, 2018)
  • Organic Valley is putting Ghee in the spotlight with a new marketing campaign for the almost decade-old product line.
  • Ghee is clarified butter, which is basically slow simmered butter in which excess water is removed. This allows some of the milk solids to caramelize, leaving behind hints of sweetness and roasted nuts.
  • Ghee is a lactose-free, casein-free and shelf-stable product.
  • It has been a staple of many culinary traditions around the world for centuries, and today it’s prized for its rich buttery taste, enticing aroma and its high smoke point, which makes it ideal for high-heat cooking.
  • Organic Valley’s product comes in 7.5- and 13-ounce containers.
  • The product does not require refrigeration, rather it may be stored in a cool, dry, dark place for optimal flavor. It should be capped when not in use.
  • A 1-teaspoon serving contains 45 calories and 5 grams of fat.
  • For more information, link HERE.

Müller Spreadable
  • SPREADABLE CHURNED BUTTER (posted June 12, 2018)
  • Müller introduces Müller Spreadable to the U.K. market.
  • Müller Spreadable is made with 73% real churned butter, giving it a deliciously creamy taste. The dairy company believes it can drive consumption across all age ranges, but particularly families.
  • New Müller Spreadable comes in four offerings. There’s slightly salted and unsalted in 250-gram and 400-gram tubs. There’s also new salted and unsalted Müller Butter in 250-gram blocks.
  • “The Müller brand exists to bring everyday moments of pleasure, and with this launch, we’re bringing the delicious creamy Müller taste to the category for the first time,” says Dan Howell, commercial director at Müller Milk & Ingredients.
  • “It’s a really exciting moment for us. We recognize that there has been a lack of new product development in this part of the dairy aisle, and we’re confident that by focusing on taste and leveraging the brand power of Müller, we can unlock new category growth benefitting consumers and customers alike.”
  • For more information, link HERE.

Park Butter
  • ARTISAN GRASS-FED BUTTER (posted April 24, 2018)
  • Park Butter hand crafts all-natural butters for retail and foodservice.
  • It is a family-owned and operated producer of artisan grass-fed butters located in Miami.
  • The company uses fresh and locally sourced ingredients whenever possible.
  • The butters are made in small batches and highlight herbs, fruits and spices at the peak of flavor.
  • Plain comes salted and unsalted.
  • The six flavors are: Balsamic & Red Onion, Banana Cream & Pecan, Chipotle, Chocolate & Cardamom, Roasted Garlic & Herb, and Rosemary & Honey.
  • The butters come in 4-ounce 100% plant-based compostable containers.
  • For more information, link HERE.

4th & Heart Ghee Butter
  • GHEE BUTTER GETS PORTABLE (posted March 15, 2018)
  • 4th & Heart introduces shelf-stable, single-serve packs of ghee, including flavors!
  • The company makes its ghee from grass-fed milk.
  • The clarified butter is said to cook like oil and spread like butter.
  • It comes in Original recipe, along with three flavors. They are: California Garlic, Himalayan Pink Salt and Madagascar Vanilla Bean.
  • The original line is sold in 9- and 16-ounce jars. The new portable product comes in 0.7-ounce single-serve packs.
  • A 1-teaspoon serving contains 45 calories and 5 grams of fat.
  • For more information, link HERE.

Carr Valley Cheese
  • SPECIALTY BUTTERS FROM VARIED MILKS (posted January 23, 2018)
  • Carr Valley Cheese introduces artisan butter line.
  • Since 1883 this Wisconsin creamery has been handcrafting cheeses from cow’s, goat’s and sheep’s milk. Now it’s making butter.
  • The company is introducing a line of butter made from cow’s, goat’s or sheep’s milk, or all three. The latter is sold under the Menage name.
  • The butters come in 4-ounce foil squares, as well as 8-ounce clear plastic tubs. 
  • For more information, link HERE.

Danzeisen Dairy
  • Danzeisen Dairy takes its hand-crafted butters to retail.
  • Until recently, the Arizona dairy only sold its butters at its company store.
  • Now the butters are available in high-end supermarkets in the Tucson and Phoenix areas.
  • They come in 8-ounce glass jars in three varieties.
  • They are: Cinnamon Sugar, Rosemary Garlic and Sweet Cream.
  • The suggested retail price is $5.99.
  • For more information, link HERE.

More Items Coming Soon!