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Daily Dose of Dairy™ Highlights

Milk and Yogurt with Fruit

        Welcome to the home page for the Daily Dose of Dairy™, brought to you by

        Here you will find details about new dairy foods entering the U.S. marketplace, with frequent peeks at international innovations.

        You will also find links to recent blogs and articles authored by Founder Donna Berry.

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        Dairy Foods

        Keeping Dairy Relevant in 2020


        State of the Dairy Industry: 2020

        A Game-Changing Dairy Beverage: Milk Plus Plant

        Caramel Creme Oikos

        Read about Yogurt Innovation in cups, pouches and bottles HERE.

        Pillars Squeezable Yogurt

        Yasso Flavors

        Little Extras Add Flavor, Color and Fun to all types of dairy foods. Inclusions are an easy way to offer limited-edition and seasonal products.

        Read more HERE.

        Ben & Jerry's Resist

        Appetizers and Dips

        Photo source: Swiss Colony

        Need a co-packer?

        Read more about using a co-packer and how to select one that best fits your needs by linking HERE.

        For a directory of co-packers, link HERE .

        Rougette Grilling Cheese

        Read about Rougette Grilling Cheese and other new cheeses, including refrigerated and shelf-stable snacks by linking HERE.

        The Cheesecake Factory at Home

        The Cheesecake Factory at Home now offers premium layered refrigerated dairy desserts. Read about them and other sweet treats HERE.

        Planet Oat Oatmilk

        Milk processors are in the Beverage Business. Many offer non-dairy "milks" as well as dairy-based beverages that function as energizing drinks, sports beverages and meal replacements. Explore some recent rollouts HERE

        Alexandra Milk

        Premium Flavored Milk including Cold-Brew Coffee Milk are the hottest trend in beverages. Read more about these products HERE.


        White Truffle Cream Cheese SpreadGlobal- and Culinary-Inspired Artisan Dairy Spreads and Dips are trending. Check out recent rollouts HERE.

        Frozen Desserts

        Check out the latest and greatest in the Frozen Desserts aisle by linking HERE.

        Link HERE to the “Shopping with Michael (and Donna)” Video on Ice Cream Trends, which was produced by the Private Label Manufacturers Association in September 2018.

         Video on Ice Cream Trends

        Daily Dose of Dairy

        The Daily Dose of Dairy was LIVE at ProFood Tech in March 2019. Audio  PowerPoint presentations are available using the links below:

        Trends in Frozen Desserts, sponsored by National Flavors, link HERE.

        Trends in Milk and Dairy-Based Beverages,  link HERE.

        Trends in Yogurt and Cultured Dairy Foods, sponsored by Delkor Systems, link HERE.

        Organic Butter

        Fat is Back. Check out new Butter innovations HERE.

        Food Business News


        Link on topic for indepth insight.

        Culture and Enzyme Revolution

        Navigating the High-Protein Ice Cream Category

        Fortification Is Driving Dairy Innovation

        Pint-sized Innovation Trends.

        Sweetening Dairy Products Naturally.

        Artificial Intelligence and Food

        Clean--the New Norm in Beverage Formulating

        Sensibly Sweetening Beverages

        Redefining Health and Wellness for 2019

        The Veggie Plot



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        What is the Daily Dose of Dairy™? It is a single dairy industry-related innovation delivered to your inbox. The email will contain one innovation that might be the missing link in a current project or one that might be the spark of a future success. Each Daily Dose is archived in a searchable database.

        The Daily Dose of Dairy™ features the knowledge of dairy industry authority Donna Berry, a food scientist, editor and consultant.

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