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        New Mediterranean Kefir Yogurt Snack is a high-protein probiotic dip and spread.

        Read about it HERE.

        Less Sugar, More Fiber...Formulation Tips for Today and Tomorrow's Consumers. Read more HERE.


        Photo source: Swiss Colony

        Need a co-packer?


        Read more about using a co-packer and how to select one that best fits your needs by linking HERE.


        For a directory of co-packers, link HERE.

        Non-Homogenized, Slow-Pasteurized at Low Temperature Whole Milk. Read about it HERE.


        Chobani Gets into the Dip Business.

        Read about it HERE.

        Ice Cream "Brown" Flavor Trends.

        Read about how brown flavors continue to evolve in the ice cream category, with caramel’s new best friends being the apple, the banana, the pear and the pineapple. Link HERE.

        Ice Cream Trends 2016.

        Read about five flavor platforms to consider in product development. Link HERE.

        The Daily Dose of Dairy was LIVE at the International Dairy Show in September 2015.  PowerPoint presentations are available using the links below:

        Innovations in Refrigerated and Frozen Dairy Desserts—Sponsored by Double H Plastics Inc. Link HERE.

        Innovations in Yogurt and Cultured Dairy Foods—Sponsored by Chr. Hansen Inc. Link HERE.

        Innovations in Cheese and Butter—Sponsored by DSM. Link HERE.

        Innovations in Milk and Other Dairy Beverages—Sponsored by SensoryEffects, a division of Balchem. Link HERE.

         Bold Flavors of Snack-Bite Cheese.

        Read about it HERE.


        Yogurt Sweetened Only with Fruit.

        Read about it HERE.


        Picking the Right Fruits, Nuts and Seeds for Dairy Products. Read it HERE.

        Boosting the Nutrition Profile. Read it HERE.

        Yogurt Innovation. Read it HERE.

        The Future of Flavored Milk. Read it HERE.

        Trends in Healthy Beverages. Read it HERE.

        Cleaning Up Beverage Colors. Read it HERE.

        A Culinary Approach to Clean Label: High Road Craft Ice Cream. Read it HERE.

        The Many Shades of Cocoa. Read it HERE.

        Tapping into Trends with Dairy Ingredients. Read it HERE.

        Beverage Flavor Trends. Read it HERE.

        Fruitful Ice Cream Options. Read it HERE.

        World Dairy Innovation Awards

        Call for entries...due May 20, 2016.

        Now in its 10th year, the World Dairy Innovation Awards 2016 offers 18 awards in six main categories ranging from products, brands and catering to marketing, packaging and sustainability. All are designed to celebrate excellence and innovation across every category of the global dairy industry.
        For more information, link HERE.




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